alien messages?


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4 thoughts on “alien messages?

  1. I don’t know about messages but right now I can do with a massage. physio will help I’m sure. omg anti I forgot to tell you. when I was in the states we were on the train going from niagra Canada back into the New York. the train stopped for quite awhile and I was looking out the window showing my partner ( now finance) as of yesterday, gifts received at po box joke. anyway I was showing him the difference between chemtrail and com trail. we saw a chemtrail plain going at super speed and then it just disappeared, vanished up until then my finance want a believer but surprise surprise he is now


  2. Very interesting…I often wonder,whether UFO`s are not governments of our planet testing things that are oh so top secret,and thus manipulating us(as they always have/ do).I also wonder why the US is not sending anyone else to the moon…and could they be testing for some sort of future “Star Wars”,whilst having us believe something else is “going on”.?Can people trust the NSA,especially after all the phone tappings.I truly believe something is “going on”,but am not really sure where it “comes from”.Lots of people have been silenced/murdered,especially those who know too much(such as the UK David Kelly, who went to inspect whether Sadam had any WMD..and found that he did not(contrary to what Colin Powell said,who is now known to have lied) . excuse for war was needed,and he was a threat to that.,,I do not trust governments to be working for our good….perhaps the Aliens are much “nicer” than us,who knows….hope so. :).


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