We the people from the sub will be here now.. in projectanunnaki

So we have stopped publishing on projectsparetime (aka the sub) and in order to release everyone we have cleaned the sub.. everyone is out back in the wild and out of the sub. If you would like to join us again, on an open basis, this time, in a ship not in a sub, we are here. We shall regroup and fly again.

You are invited to regroup here at this new location awaiting possibly further instructions. We are like minded but happily voice our own opinions on various matters of interest in the world of today. This is our legacy to the future.


28 thoughts on “We the people from the sub will be here now.. in projectanunnaki

      1. I am doing better. I seem to now be on the right medications for my heart, IBS, an depression. I still feel blue sometimes, but I think almost everyone does. Thank you so much for asking Amy. And I hope you are loving your new addition to the family.


        1. hi Sherry, good to hear you are a bit better, thank goodness. I too feel blue red pink green yellow sometimes, sorry I am kidding but yes it is my way of taking it lightly.. you don’t think maybe that I have depression but I do.. but I try to go on and move on.. life has become pretty hard.


          1. there are different homeopathic type remedies that can be very helpful in assisting with mood (and thus subsequently help with with gut health…since our emotions are so tied in with our gut). they typically are comprised of various flower essences. naturopathic doctors are quiet helpful in providing herbal, homeopathic, and basic vitamin recommendations…and can be a nice complement to conventional routes. i am a strong believer that every type of medicine from allopathic (conventional) to homeopathic (alternative or what i like to refer to as complementary) has its place in the prevention and treatment of physical and mental ailments.


  1. Hi Amy..just returned from 5wks looking after Mum in the UK,so this is interesting to read…..ready to return from the wild and explore new territories.I have visited here from time to time… waiting for any further instuctions 🙂 X


    1. hi Sheila, thank you for stopping by, and yes we are moving on. This one has no ability to put videos and it will be articles of interest, it will be like a magazine we flip through and can comment on any article we find interesting.


          1. Hi Amy Good to hear from you and look forward to new and interesting blogs I even found a ghost story that has happened just up the road from me here in Qld and I find out about it in yr blog – lol


      1. When you said t the blog was closing with no future blog, I tried closing my WordPress account as I had only been on it for your blog. I will have to update it with some sort of photo so it is more appealing.


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