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  1. I should add that I am happy for her success…way to go, lady! She states that we all have at least $3,000 worth of stuff we could sell. I don’t think I have $3,000 worth of shippable goods, but, whatever the amount, the problem is I don’t want to sell it! I am trying to declutter my life, and should push myself more to do it.


    1. maybe i have something to sell but i think ebay tightened the rules in the last few years to be all in favor of the buyer and not the seller.. so if someone claims they did not get the item and you did ship it to them overseas and you show them the receipt, they still take your money and give it to the buyer.. I stopped doing ebay, i used to be a gold member.


      1. The pendulum finally started swinging the other way. Sellers have a bit more favor than several years ago, but eBay is still buyer-centered. I have sold through the recent “Global Shipping” program, and it protects sellers and buyers doing international transactions. The division of PayPal and eBay is also an advancement towards fairness, I think.

        You had to work many long hours to get to gold status. If you ever wanted to return to eBay as a seller, you might find the climate somewhat improved.


      2. Oh! And I forgot to mention one of my HUGE frustrations has finally been fixed. Those four areas for which buyers can rate the seller from 1 to 5 stars (speed of shipping, cost of shipping, communication, etc.) for a transaction used to not make sense at all! I kid you not, I received less than 5 stars from a couple buyers for “Cost of Shipping” when I have only ever done free shipping. In addition, most of my sales have been Lego sets which cost a bundle to ship, so it’s always been a large value-add for my buyers I didn’t blame the buyers. The category is a bit unclear. FINALLY, eBay automatically gives 5 stars in categories for which a seller meets certain criteria in the listings.


  2. I have actually bought something from this seller on eBay. She has bundles of listings, so I probably would have bought more, or would look at more of her listings, if she had better photos. I don’t mind pre-owned clothing (in fact, I love it!), but I need to see detailed photos before I buy. Most eBay sellers, including the small-timers, upload photo files large enough to zoom in and see details.


      1. I know! Funny, huh? And for such a large-scale operation, I’m really surprised she hasn’t felt pressured to upload quality photos. Camera and lighting are both poor. The only reason I bought a piece last year is because she listed something I was already familiar with, and the item was listed as New with Tags, so I figured if there were any major defects, I was covered. Recently, she listed an item by a designer I “follow”. There was a rip in the fabric (it was big enough that I could see it in her tiny, glary photo), and the item description was “excellent: no visible flaws or defects”. So, I’ve learned not to really bother looking at the listings of this seller. I don’t have a lot of time; I have to speed-shop when I get on eBay!


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